Pain is your check engine light / by ahmed abdallah

Aristotle said : "The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure but to avoid pain"

Think of the last time your check engine light came on. What was the first initial reaction? Like many of us our initial reaction even if you don't have time to get it checked out right away would be to eventually find out why the light came on.  

Would it make sense if the check engine light came on and you grabbed a sticker and covered it up so the light doesn't bother you anymore ?

Pain is a signal that something is at fault with your body.  When we take pain medications, cortisone shots, or do anything to just address the pain and not the root of the problem all we are doing is covering up the one thing that is telling us there is a problem.  

According to WebMD and the CDC there is an estimate of 13 million people who visit the doctor each year because of back pain which is the SECOND most common reason for doctor visits in the US.


It's important to have a good quality of life that is pain free, and It's also important to address the cause and prevent chronic pain.  

Massage therapy needs no validation when it comes to chronic muscle pain.  The issue here is how to maintain that amazing feeling post massage session.  The list is huge but I will just resort to the bare basics.  Water, stretches, posture and exercise.  Give me those and with my massage techniques we will fix the check engine light.